Platform Edge Protection

About Platform Edge Protection

Platform Edge Protection (PEP) provides a safe working environment for personnel working on railway station platforms.

Designed to eliminate the risk of falls onto the track while carrying out work on station platforms. Posts and poles are made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and offer many advantages over metallic alternatives. Such as, resistance to corrosion, high tensile strength, high impact resistance, lightweight compared to steel equivalents and non-conductive properties, eliminating the need for bonding when working in an electrified railway environment. The adjustable clamps, made from aluminium, complete a system that is lightweight and easy to transport.


Key Benefits

  • Innovative solution
  • Protective
  • Safety approved 
  • Quick & easy installation 



Description Length (m) Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
GRP Post 1.0 5.0 - 3
Aluminium Clamp

0.26 (horizontal) 

0.55 (vertical)

- - 5
GRP Poles 2.4 38 - 1.5
Double Sided Kick Board 2.0 - 110 4.4