TAMS - Track Access Matting System

About TAMS - Track Access Matting System

The TAMS – Track Access Matting System provides easy access and egress, to and from rail digs. Quick to install and easy to relocate, the TAMS system enables longer working time in track possessions. 

The system is quick and easy for a team of 4 to install by hand. The TAMS comes in 4 simple interlocking parts and is quick to install following simple site preparation.  The system not only allows easy access to/egress from the track bed but also protects both the rail head and RRV from damage. 


  • Speed of installation/recovery 
  • Simple/minimal site preparation  
  • Installation by hand (4 person lift)  
  • Quick and easy to relocate 
  • Suitable for use with wheeled and tracked RRV’s


  • The TAMS can be fully installed and ready for use in less than 20 minutes

System Components

  • 4 simple interlocking parts 
  • Each kit comprises of 2 lower ramp sections and 2 upper ramp sections 
  • Additional extension packs can be supplied to extend the system to accommodate longer RRV’s