TAMS - Track Access Matting System

About TAMS - Track Access Matting System

The TAMS-Track Access Matting System is user friendly, quick to install and easy to relocate, enabling longer working time in track possessions.

The Benefits

The system is quick and easy for a team of 4 to install by hand. The TAMS comes in 4 simple interlocking parts and is quick to install following simple site preparation.  The system not only allows easy access to/egress from the track bed but also protects both the rail head and RRV from damage. TPA’s Track Access Matting System provides the following benefits:

  • Install by hand (4 person lift) 
  • Available in 4 section kits (Extension kit also available)
  • Simple site preparation and application of use when used in compliance with Network Rail Approval Certificate Number PA05/05308
  • Easily transported to and from the access point

System Components 

  • Comes in 4 simple, interlocking parts
  • Each ramp kit consists of 2 lower ramp sections and 2 upper ramp sections
  • Expansion kits of 2 more sections can be used to extend the length of the system


  • 1x (Standard) Track Access Matting System comprising of; 2x 2m lower ramp sections & 2x 3m upper ramp sections
  • 1x  TAMS Extension Pack comprising of; 2x 2m expansion packs  (Extended platform sections for plant unable to raise/ lower rail bogies independently)

Installation Time

  • Full system kit, inclusive of 4 full track access matting sections can be fully installed and ready for use in less than 30 minutes
  • Easily transported to and from the access point