Carbon Calculator FAQs

What is the 'Carbon Calculator'?

TPA's Carbon Calculator is an online tool designed to assess the relative carbon impact of creating a temporary access road using aluminium trackway panels compared to the traditional method that utilises aggregate/stone. With just a few clicks, you will receive a calculation of the potential carbon emissions saved, empowering you to make informed decisions and reduce your carbon footprint.


Is the calculation generic or bespoke?

The website calculation is generic and based on assumed average distances to and from the site from both the TPA Portable Roadway depot and the quarry and landfill sites for the Stone/Aggregate alternative. Users who complete this form with site-specific details will receive a bespoke report.


What is the basis for the calculation?

The calculation relies on the government's conversion factors for the production and distribution of materials. Both alternatives' in-depot and site-based operations are assumed to be equivalent to simplify the comparison. However, it's worth noting that this assumption may undervalue the carbon-saving potential of a portable roadway due to the additional plant required for a stone access road. Additional assumptions made for consistent comparison can be found alongside the carbon calculator, along with details of what is and is not included in the comparison.


What are the environmental benefits of using a temporary trackway over a stone access road?

Using a temporary trackway made of aluminium panels can significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to a stone access road. The reusability of trackway panels and the reduced transportation requirements contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions and less environmental impact.


Why is there such a significant saving?

The significant CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) saving is attributable to two primary factors. Firstly, the roadway panels are re-used repeatedly, with the calculator assuming they will be re-used 60 times over their lifetime prior to being re-cycled at end of life, whereas materials for the stone access road are used only once and disposed at landfill. Secondly, the logistics play a crucial role, as transporting stone to and from the site typically requires 16 lorry loads for every 1 lorry load of portable roadway.


Can I get a full report on the calculation bespoke to my project?

Absolutely! After generating your generic calculation on the website, you have the option to request a full report. To do this, simply complete and submit this form with some basic site-specific information. One of our Hire Desk team members will then produce your report and email it to you.


Which TPA products are the calculations based on?

The carbon calculations apply specifically to TPA's 3m wide Aluminium Roadway Panels. To find out if our aluminium panels are suitable for your next project, visit the product page here.



How can I report an issue with the carbon calculator?

If you encounter any technical issues while using the carbon calculator or need more information about the calculations, please email Our team will promptly get in touch with you to address your concerns.


How accurate are the carbon calculations provided by the Carbon Calculator?

The carbon calculations are based on reliable government conversion factors and industry standards. While they offer a close estimation of carbon savings, keep in mind that certain site-specific factors or project complexities may affect the actual results.


Is the calculator certified by a professional body?

TPA, utilising the UK Government’s conversion factors for greenhouse gas reporting, have internally developed the calculator. While an independent professional body does not currently certify it, we welcome any introduction to organisations that can independently validate the calculator.


Can I use the Carbon Calculator for projects outside the UK?

The Carbon Calculator is primarily based on UK government conversion factors, so its accuracy may vary for projects outside the UK. It is recommended to consult with local environmental authorities or use region-specific conversion factors for international projects.


Can I compare multiple project scenarios using the Carbon Calculator?

Yes, you can use the Carbon Calculator to compare different project scenarios. Simply input the relevant data for each scenario to see how the carbon impact differs between them.


Are there any other sustainable practices promoted by Vp?

Yes, Vp is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the industry and has signed up to Science Based targets and committed to being Net Zero by 2050.  Further information relating to Vp’s Environmental and Sustainability Programme can be found online at Vp plc – Environmental & Sustainability Programme.


How can I share the carbon impact results from the Carbon Calculator with my team or clients?

If you request your site specific report via the calculator you will receive this via email and can share with your teams or clients.


How often are the government conversion factors and calculator data updated?

TPA endeavours to keep the Carbon Calculator up-to-date with the latest government conversion factors and industry data. We strive to ensure that the most current information is used to provide accurate calculations.


I don’t know the square meterage required for my upcoming project yet, can I still get a carbon calculation?

Not to worry, as part of our service at TPA we’re happy to help you determine your requirements. Either;

  1. 1. Consult with our Hire Desk via live chat, phone or email
  2. 2. Receive a remote site survey using our SitePlotter app
  3. 3. Book an in-person site survey with one of our project coordinators

For more information on any of the above, please get in touch with the team at TPA today