Slide Protection Barrier


The slide protection barrier offers added protection to your access road by forming a barrier to prevent small and large vehicles from veering of the roadway. It’s quick and easy to install and connects to the existing connecting points on the panels. Due to the design it still allows 3000mm width of clearance on the panels. 

Comprised of separate components: base plate, pipe and end caps the slide protection barrier can be connected together to create different lengths and configurations. Light components that can be handled by on person and doesn’t require any plant to install. Structurally designed tube and base plate sections for maximum strength & durability. The barrier can withstand vehicles of up to 40tonnes by preventing them from veering off the roadway under unforeseeable circumstance. 


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Connects to existing roadway   
  • High visibility
  • No ground penetration
  • Added ground protection


  • 114.3 x 3.5mm O/D tube, 2250 long
  • Base connecting 10mm plate, 400mm long 
  • End Cap, 450mm long