Odell Viaduct Project, Bedfordshire

29 Jul

J Murphy and Sons hired 1300 TPA Aluminium Traxpanels, to provide a vital temporary roadway for traversing vehicles over challenging ground to allow access to a railway bridge at the Odell Viaduct in Bedfordshire. The bridge which is being demolished and reconstructed, is part of the £1.5 billion investment by Network Rail to upgrade the Midland Main Line.

The Challenge

J Murphy and Sons needed to be able to move very heavy plant and machinery some distance across ground with potentially soft or boggy terrain. A temporary road solution was required that would provide vehicular access across three fields and a ditch but have minimal impact on the ground and vegetation beneath. The temporary surface would also need to be able to withstand continuous heavy moving loads.

The Solution

A number of factors led to J Murphy and Sons choosing TPA’s Aluminium Traxpanels:  Benefiting from a simple Inter-locking design meant they could be installed and removed very quickly when compared to other semi-permanent solutions, saving both time and money.

The 60663 high grade Aluminium panels are able to withstand multiple runs of heavy vehicles while remaining connected and stable; essential attributes on a lengthy project such as this.

The robust aluminium construction allows the Traxpanels to be re-used over many years and when they are no longer fit for purpose the modular sections can be recycled into new replacement planks, consistent with the industry’s ongoing commitment to environmental and sustainable solutions within the supply chain.

Client comment:

Traxpanels were chosen mainly for commercial reasons, and did what they had to for the full duration of the contract.

The project which started in August 2018 was completed in February 2019. 

Odell Viaduct Project, Bedfordshire