A Guide to Creating a Temporary Car Park

Permanent car parking areas can be found in almost every town and city throughout the country, with even the smallest of villages often providing a car park for residents, commuters or shoppers. There are occasions however where a sudden influx of additional vehicles could create a significant problem if a temporary car park was not provided. The use of mats or panels, usually made from aluminium, make a great solution for temporary or short term parking for outdoor events such as:

  • Rock festivals
  • Aviation shows
  • Marquee weddings and parties
  • Agricultural shows
  • Village fetes
  • Equestrian events
  • Temporary construction sites

Underlay ground protection systems

For temporary car parking, aluminium panels placed directly onto the ground will give excellent all round protection, but for premium land such as football pitches that may require enhanced ground protection, an underlay system can be used. This comes in the form of a dense, sponge underlay which helps prevent the aluminium panels from shifting as vehicles pass over. The dampening effect of the sponge underlay also provides vibration and sound absorption; a key feature for outdoor musical performances and events where any residual noise must be kept to a minimum. The open cell design of the underlay allows for a constant air flow and helps prevent the ground from becoming stagnant.

Heavy duty panels

Most commonly used for larger temporary car parks are the heavy duty type of roadway panels. This type of panel has the strength to meet the most challenging environments and is often used for larger scale contracts. Heavy duty panels harness the strength of aluminium and are produced at 7.35m2 per panel, meaning vast areas can be covered at speed. Panels weigh in at over a quarter of a tonne yet this does not limit the speed at which the panels can be laid thanks to trucks with crane systems purpose built for the job. Highly trained fitters work to predetermined site plans with each step of the instalment carried out with military precision.

A compatible range of panel types

In order to add flexibility to the design of a temporary car park, other factors may need to be taken into account when the shape deviates from that of a traditional four sided area, or where certain conditions create limitations. Panel types that address these issues and are compatible with heavy duty panels include:

Camber Panels can be used in awkward situations where a slope is encountered to provide three way traction and grip, especially useful in slippery, wet or muddy conditions. Steerable Panels are used to negotiate objects such as trees or buildings, enabling vehicles to manoeuvre unhindered in all site scenarios. Panels are designed for quick connection without the need for overlapping and can provide an angle of diversion up to 30 degrees. Steerable Panels provide an excellent choice for those occasions with an extra dimension and have been used at prestigious events such as Wimbledon to achieve a neat, aesthetic yet practical solution.

TPA gets the job done

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