Floating Work Pontoons

What are Floating Work Pontoons?

Working on water can be physically and logistically challenging, but our floating work pontoons negate this by providing a safe and secure platform on which to carry out specific tasks.

When can Floating Work Platforms be used?

From repairing structurally damaged bridges to restoring flood-damaged riverbanks, floating work platforms can be used to carry out various types of work and maintenance.

What Type of Floating Work Platforms are There?

We understand that not all water construction projects have been created equal, which is why we’ve developed modular plastic and steel solutions to suit various load-bearing requirements.

How are They Assembled?

Rest assured, we’ll assemble and dismantle your floating platform as part of the agreed hire cost. However, our modular design makes it easy to assemble bespoke and even large-scale solutions, regardless of where you’re carrying out work.

Our Products

In addition to our modular plastic and steel solutions, we also offer access to an array of alternative products such as life jackets, rescue throw lines and water gates (for optimising efficiency and deployment).

How to Hire Our Solutions?

Remember, we can create bespoke solutions on behalf of our clients, so give us a call on 0870 240 2381 to kick-start the process and discuss your unique requirements in far greater detail.