TPA goes the extra Three Miles for Amco Giffen Carnell JV (AGC)

22 Feb


Just weeks after highways infrastructure specialists AGC used TPA Portable Roadways for the first time, they were specifying them for a second project.


The project

AGC required temporary access for plant and vehicles across arable land to replace 530m of highways boundary fencing alongside the M6 near Keele services in Staffordshire as it had reached the end of its 25-year design life.



Ground conditions in the undulating fields off Three Mile Lane comprised heavy clay which was extremely saturated due to the poor weather conditions in late 2023. This was compounded by the deep ruts left by tractors using the area.



AGC played safe and specified TPA’s ultimate Dura-Base HDPE plastic roadway panels whose unique design makes them particularly impermeable to mud, water or soil. They even float! And their simple twist-lock fastening system makes them super-quick to install.

TPA’s heavy-duty aluminium panels have now been specified by AGC to help with the replacement of 815m of highways boundary fencing alongside the M42 in Solihull. This project is due to complete in March 2024.


Client comment

AGC contract manager Tom Wright said: “We needed the most heavy-duty panels available due to the extreme ground conditions, specifying the Dura-Base panels as our compound was off site and aluminium panels would have been vulnerable to theft.

“The TPA product was very good and provided a robust roadway for our plant and vehicles to access the works areas, and the service was equally good. We had a pre-site visit and regular checkups throughout the scheme. The installation and removal went smoothly and the TPA team was very pro-active in resolving any issues.”

He added: “Track making requirements are becoming more significant in our work and the process with TPA has been very efficient. We didn’t lose any time on the programme despite the weather and other challenges we had and we will continue to use TPA going forward.”