About TAMS V-RAM Temporary RRAP

The TAMS V-RAM temporary RRAP has been designed to ensure safe on/off and cross tracking of Road Rail Vehicles and Plant during rail renewals and maintenance works.

Uniquely, this is a medium-heavy duty RRAP that is hand portable and can be quickly moved or reconfigured as required. Suitable for use by wheeled plant up to 50 tonnes in weight. It can be used in conjunction with TAMS Track Access Matting System (PA05/05308) during S&C and track renewal works. The V-RAM is also the only Network Rail approved temporary RRAP system suitable for use on Bull-Head Track.


Key Benefits

  • Innovative solution

  • Protects the track
  • Network rail approved
  • Quick & easy installation

Installation/Recovery Time

  • Quick installation - less than 20 minutes by 4-6 people
  • Quick recovery - less than 10 minutes by 4-6 people


Description Length (m) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
System 7.5 4 -
Side Ramps - - 71
Four Foot Infill Panels - - 130