Aluminium Ramps

About Our Aluminium Ramps Hire

TPA’s commitment to the research and development of its products has resulted in the best portable roadway systems on the market today.

Our aluminium Ramps are used to neaten off the edges of the Trax Panels, and are of particular benefit when vehicles are accessing site as they ensure a smooth transition from ground to panels.

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  • 3 metre wide load bearing temporary access road for all ground conditions
  • Structurally designed box sections
  • Rapid deployment - quick and easy to install

Complete Integration

  • Stockholding of traditional aluminium panels which exceeds 90km
  • Cater for a variety of ground conditions and access needs
  • Design is suitable for a diverse weight range



  • Product Dimensions (Width x Length): 3000mm x 2460mm

Box Section Properties

  • Width of section = 260mm
  • Depth of section = 52mm


  • 260kg per panel


  • 6063 T6 Grade Aluminium
  • Limiting stress for bending and overall yielding =160 n/mm2
  • Limiting stress for local capacity of the section in tension or compression = 175 n/mm2
  • Limiting stress in shear = 95 n/mm2

Load Bearing Capacity

  • 250 tonne point load
  • 1000 tonne gross train weight over ground 2% CBR

Temperature Range

  • -5°C to 50°C
  • 22°F to 120°F