Lightweight Foam Cross Tracking Kit

About Lightweight Foam Cross Tracking Kit

Highly portable and quick to install, this product is ideal for cross tracking small vehicles and plant safely.

The Lightweight Foam Cross Tracking System is highly portable and quick to install providing a simple, effective solution for cross tracking small plant and wheeled equipment safely.


  • Speed of installation/recovery 
  • Simple/minimal site preparation
  • Hand portable – Maximum section weight 6kg
  • Easily transported to and from the work site


  • The crossing kit (2 x 480mm Bridges) can be fully installed and ready for use in less than 10 minutes


  • Supplied as a simple twin-bridge kit
  • Each 480mm wide bridge comprises of 2 outer ramp sections and 3 4ft infill sections

Load Bearing Capacity

  • Approved for use by vehicles and small plant up to 10 tonnes per axle 
  • Maximum 20 tonnes gross weight