UTAS – Universal Track Access System

About UTAS – Universal Track Access System

The Universal Track Access System (UTAS) is designed to enable safe on/off/cross tracking for large, heavy RRVs and steel tracked rail plant. Totally enclosing the rail head, this RRAP is the ideal solution for protecting the track when operating heavy plant.

The Benefits

The Universal Track Access System or UTAS+ is designed to enable heavy rubber tyred, rubber and steel tracked road rail machines to get on and off track, quickly and safely:  
  • Avoid damage to the rail head and plant
  • 50 tonne maximum load bearing
  • Total rail head protection
  • Network Rail Approved – Certificate No. PA05/03902

The Process

The UTAS product range has been designed to enable longer road rail vehicles and equipment to mount or cross the rail quickly and safely, reducing the risk of accidents caused by sliding off old wooden sleepers or by damaging the troughing.

Dimensions (m) 4x2.3m (total track area - 5x3) 6x2.3m (total track area - 7x3) 11x2.3m (total track area - 12x3)
Weight (tonne) per item 1.5 0.4
Stillage weight kg (with UTAS) 2,450 3,290 2,639
Stillage weight kg (empty) 350 440 350
Load bearing capacity (tonnes) 50 50 50
Installation time (min) 20 20 30