Embankment Steps

About Embankment Steps & Temporary Step Hire

The most versatile temporary stairway access solution for your Rail project.

TPA’s range of embankment steps are widely used across the Rail Sector.  Mainly they are utilised to provide safe pedestrian access up and down railway embankments and steep slopes. The stairways are hand portable, easily installed and can be ready for use in minutes.  Working on gradients between 25° and 50°, users can carry small tools, equipment and materials in safety and comfort.

Designed to look after workers the steps feature double handrails which adjust automatically to the correct angle and height for use. The treads remain horizontal whatever the angle of installation. The steps are manufactured in a steel section and has galvanised finish as standard.

The Combisafe Site Stairway has been designed and tested to meet the access performance requirements within the European Standard EN 12811 – Temporary Works Equipment – performance requirements and general design.

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Features & Benefits

  • The stairways come in six lengths, which can be joined and supported to offer a single run climb height of up to 7.5m
  • Whatever the angle of the Stairway, the treads will always be horizontal
  • The locking mechanism ensures the stability of the stairway and keeps it at the correct angle
  • The bottom of the stringers are shaped to prevent slipping
  • Being over 750mm wide, the Stairway permits occasional passing if required
  • Can be folded flat for ease of transport
  • The treads have a coarse expanded metal surface for grip, which also clears muddy footwear in use.
  • Installation service is available for this product.


Part No. Description Folded Length (m) Weight (kg)
CT1004Z Handrail 3 Steps 1.03 17
CT1003Z Handrail 6 Steps 1.84 31
CT1002Z Handrail 9 Steps 2.64 47
CT1001Z Handrail 12 Steps 3.46 57
CT1000Z Handrail 15 Steps 4.27 82
CT1018Z Handrail 18 Steps 5.08 104


Part Number Description Weight (kg)
CT1009Z Handrail 3 Steps 5kg
CT1008Z Handrail 6 Steps 8kg
CT1007Z Handrail 9 Steps  10kg
CT1006Z Handrail 12 Steps 14kg
CT1005Z Handrail 15 Steps 16kg 
CT1019Z Handrail 18 Steps  20kg