Lightweight Foam RRAP

About Lightweight Foam Rail Ramps

Network Rail Approved, Lightweight Foam Track Access System, for on/off tracking of RRVs.

The lightweight foam RRAP is a key product in the Rapid Rail Access portfolio.  This versatile system is very popular and highly utilised owing to its portability, speed and ease of installation. 

The Benefits

Each RRAP is made from two metre long foam sections, each of which weights under 32kg so they can be easily hand-carried into position (2 person lift). Only simple site preparation may be required. The system provides the following benefits:
  • Lightweight - each section weighs under 32kg
  • Approved for use up to 15 tonnes per axle
  • Network Rail Approval number PA05/03446
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Easily transported to and from the access point

LW Foam Specifications:

  • Available in two-metre kits
  • Multiple kits can be used to extend the length of the RRAP


  • Lightweight – each section weights under 32kg

System Parts

  • Each two-metre RRAP kit consists of 2 outer ramp sections (Cess), 1 centre block, and 2 centre infill pieces (All within 4 Foot)

Load Bearing Capacity

  • Approved for use up to 15 tonnes per axle
  • Maximum 30 tonnes gross weight

Installation Time

  • A 10 metre RRAP (5 x 2m RRAP Kit) can be fully installed and ready for use in less than 20 minutes


  • The Lightweight Foam RRAP is not suitable for use on Bull Head Track.  This is due to clearance issues caused by the cast iron ‘chairs’ in which the rail sits.