About Dura-Base

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, Dura-Base mats provide the ultimate in temporary road surfaces. For access to difficult terrain such as grasslands, wetlands, marshland, fields, or any other environmentally sensitive area, the Dura-Base mat system provides a lasting, cost-effective solution.

Dura-Base mats provide all-weather performance and have been proven ‘invaluable’ for use in all industry applications, including utilities involved in the construction and maintenance of oil, gas, transmission and water installations.



  • The Dura-Base twist-lock fastener secures each mat with a single 90º turn
  • No nuts, bolts, joining plates or additional tools
  • Less chance of slipping with the 300mm overlapping lip system. This provides a continuous barrier between the ground and mat, with significantly reduced instance of mud entering between mats
  • No trip hazards on the working surface
  • Dura-Base floats on water allowing safe pedestrian access
  • Easy to clean, wet or dry
  • Follows surface contours for flexibility on the most arduous terrain
  • Compatible with the heaviest vehicles and plant. Each mat can support compressive loads of up to 40kgcm2
  • Eliminates static build-up. The plastic contains an additive to increase conductivity, allowing the charge to disperse
  • Each mat is manufactured with a built-in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip to help track inventory
  • Directional mats are also available



Individual Dura-Base Mats
Length (m) Width (m) Thickness (mm) Usable Surface (m) Weight (kg)
2.44 4.27 108 3.96 x 2.13 477

Dura-Base and the Environment

Temporary roadway is often installed on farmland and the resulting damage can have far reaching consequences. The Dura-Base system causes less damage to soil structure and vegetation, thereby aiding fast recovery of the site.

Due to the unique Dura-Base design, mud, water or soil cannot ingress the mat: this reduces the likelihood of soil born viruses being transmitted or spread.


Safety and Security

Installation of Dura-Base mats is quick and simple. No nuts, bolts or power equipment are necessary, meaning less risk of injury or accident. Note: Take care to avoid trapping fingers during installation and removal.

The non-slip tread pattern on the mats provides a safe working surface, with no trip hazards.

The overlap design prevents soil and water penetration, resulting in a cleaner, safer working environment.

Using Dura-Base mats for roadway and hard standing eliminates the need for manned security including all the health and safety implications that brings.