TPA Magnetic Safety Barrier

About TPA Magnetic Safety Barriers & ‘Switch’ Kits

TPA’s Magnetic Railway Safety Barrier is a Network Rail Approved, temporary system that provides effective trackside delineation and protection when working near live railway lines.

Under local and European regulations it is in most cases legally required when working on track to protect workers with a physical barrier to prevent operatives coming too close to any track with trains operating on them. TPA’s magnetic barrier system provides effective protection for safe work on the track. Crucially, this barrier system is safer to work with than traditional rail mounted temporary barrier systems as the method installation doesn’t disturb the railway ballast and avoids the potential release of hazardous dust (Silica) or airborne pathogens such as Leptospirosis (Weils Disease).


  • Suitable for use on all commonly used rail types 
  • Fast installation times (100m in 15 minutes by 4 person team) 
  • No digging or ballast disturbance required 
  • Operatives are not required to enter the 4ft during installation 
  • No danger of damaging buried cables 
  • Does NOT affect track circuits or axle counters 
  • No tools required 
  • Installation service available

Rail Safety Barrier Specifications

  • Components, Dimensions & Weight
  • Stanchion complete 8kg
  • Hand rail (each) 4kg
  • Handrail  48.5mm diameter, fitted with bayonet coupling
  • Handrail length: 3m

Applications of the system

The stanchion is adjustable between the hazard area zone A and zone B. The distance from the centre of the track to the guardrail/barrier is adjustable between 1.95 metres and 2.55 metres in steps of 0.1 metre.