TPA launches the UK’s largest portable roadway panel

13 Dec
UK leading temporary access solution provider, TPA, launches 4m wide roadway panel.

A 9.8sqm aluminium temporary roadway panel, the UK’s largest, that provides access to projects where the terrain and ground conditions are particularly challenging, has been launched by specialist temporary access solution supplier TPA.

The only one of its type available in the UK, each panel measures 4 x 2.45m, weighs 342kg and has both a low and high profile side to provide improved grip over uneven ground.

Over 20% larger than the next biggest roadway panel on the market, it enables TPA to install a single run for applications that would previously have required two runs of 3m panels to be laid side-by-side. 

Reducing the quantity of panels required means less transport and less time to install, resulting in a reduced cost for the customer and a reduced carbon impact for the project.

The panel is designed to work in conjunction with TPA’s 3m panels, by providing a seamless connection, avoiding any overlapping of panels and offering a hybrid solution to ensure the customer is only using the larger panel on areas of the site that require it.

This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of access requirements. As the panel reduces underlying indentation to the surface of the ground, it is especially useful to protect the ground in environmentally sensitive areas.

On the newest Roadway product to be added to TPA’s range of specialist access solutions, Managing Director, David Walkden, commented;

“We continue to look for new and innovative ways to reduce the carbon impact of our operations and those of our customers. The introduction of a 4m panel enables us to reduce the volume of equipment that needs to be delivered to site, not only saving the customer money, but also reducing the environmental impact of creating a temporary access for their project.”