TPA Pontoons installation crew successfully complete DEFRA 2 training

12 Apr
TPA Pontoons installation crew have been put through their paces recently, having completed the Outreach Rescue DEFRA Module 2 Water Rescue / Flood First Responder training.

The course took place over two days at Gailey Wharf Training Centre, near Stafford in the West Midlands.

Daniel Vickers, Neil Bolton, Craig Black and Luke Blunt who made up the group, faced some cold and challenging conditions. Not only did they improve their physical skills but their theoretical knowledge of the challenges faced on, near or above water too.

Day 1

Theory was the focus for the first day of training, covering Annex H of the DEFRA Flood Rescue Concept of Operations. The initial classroom training focused around water and flood non-rescue support operations, including: safety consideration, aquatic PPE, buoyancy aids, dry suits and shore-based rescues. They also began to look at the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP).

Day 2

The second day of training saw the team take on the physical aspects of water rescue. Revisiting a variety of skills required to work safely & successfully on water. This included, defensive and aggressive swimming, strainers drills and casualty management. They also spent time working on the use of specialist rescue equipment including:

  • Throw bags
  • Tensioned diagonals
  • Wading poles
  • Reach poles
  • Rescue sleds

The final aspect of the training saw the team practice wading in flood conditions, a great two days of training covering a wide range of essential skills for all those working on, near or above water. The team thoroughly enjoyed learning and developing valuable safety skills. Thanks to Richard and the team at Birmingham & Midland Marine Services.