TPA Portable Roadways launches SitePlotter app

13 Dec
New site access app from TPA delivers the three Cs - Clarity, Communication and Consistency.

TPA Portable Roadways have launched a bespoke app, which provides greater clarity, communication and consistency when planning a temporary roadway installation.

The SitePlotter app is the first in the industry, developed to TPA’s exact specification. It is used by the company to conduct site surveys for potential customers, with the app prompting the completion of six tasks to deliver a clear and comprehensive site plan for the client and a detailed installation plan for the roadway crews.

When a customer requires a site survey, a new job is generated in SitePlotter, customer and site details are entered and the job is assigned to a Project Co-ordinator (PC). Using imagery from Google Earth, the PC and client can discuss access requirements and draw them directly onto the image of the site. Appropriate products chosen, scaled appropriately and quantities required calculated accurately, notes, scope of work and site photographs are added to increase clarity for all parties. These steps are followed by a risk assessment and site questionnaire, with a final ‘route to site’ being identified to avoid any delays on the day.

SitePlotter enables increased efficiency through a faster quotation turnaround, with the intended layout available for review with the surveyor while still on site, providing exceptional clarity for the surveyor and the customer.

The new app also reduces room for error throughout the project as the TPA crew works from the same plan the customer has seen and approved, allowing for the three Cs all round - Clarity, Communication and Consistency.

Site surveys are completed speculatively with the customer receiving a detailed job pack, outlining all six steps, once they have agreed on TPA as their supplier of choice

TPA Portable Roadways Managing Director, David Walkden said:

“We’ve been heavily involved in the development of the SitePlotter app and see its introduction into our operations as the first stage of development. We’re keen to embrace technology wherever possible in order to streamline our operations and this development also ensures our customers receive a much improved service at the enquiry stage and that our crews have the greatest level of clarity as to what has been agreed with the customer”