TPA Offers Customers More Flexibility with Their ‘Dry Hire’ Option

25 Jun

The current economic climate affects all sectors of society, including our customers who are not immune from the spiralling costs of goods and services. That’s why at TPA we offer a flexible dynamic approach, offering customers a range of products on a dry hire basis, allowing them to easily and cost-effectively self-install.

Introducing TPA’s ‘Dry Hire’ Service

Dry Hire is a service where customers can either collect or have TPA deliver their requested equipment;  the customer then off-loads and undertakes the actual installation without the involvement of TPA. The cost saving element is gained by the customer not being tied to using TPA’s crew and specialist installation equipment.

On project completion, customers can return the equipment themselves or have TPA drive to their site for collection and the customer simply re-loads the equipment.

The Dry Hire option has a two-fold advantage: it offers a significant cost reduction while maintaining customer access to expert technical advice from our experienced and friendly team.

Advancing Technology and Design

TPA’s portfolio of temporary ground protection continues to expand with the advancement of material technology and product design. Due to the development of plastic products, it is highly likely that a lightweight solution will now perform equally as well as heavier products. This means more mats can be delivered in one trip for a much faster installation process.

To work within your budget and still provide adequate ground protection, our team may be able to recommend a viable alternative which aligns with our ‘Dry Hire’ solution.

Which Products can be ‘Dry Hired?’

Products that fit the bill perfectly for Dry Hire include:

FastCover Mat: A durable, interlocking matting option for applications such as marquee flooring, footpaths, construction site walkways and warehouse flooring: a heavy duty, reversible pattern design makes it ideal for high traffic, high impact use.

Zappmat: A lightweight, light duty option that is a popular choice for temporary access solutions at festivals, outdoor exhibitions and car parks. Manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) the 4mm tread pattern provides excellent grip for vehicles, while the reverse side is more suited to pedestrian use.

MaxiTrack: Manufactured from Zetralene™ MaxiTrack is the most heavy-duty manually handled trackway system available. It has a maximum vehicle weight of 130 tonnes, yet is light enough for a two person lift. It is easy to deploy without the need for specialist installation vehicles and crew.

TerraGuard: A multi directional anti-slip surface makes TerraGuard one of the safest temporary flooring products available. Resistant to solvents and UV damage, this self-draining system can be manually deployed and connected using an integrated camlock design. Terraguard is suitable for pitch cover, marquee flooring and a multitude of ground protection applications.

Why not get in touch…

If you would like ground protection, without the cost of installation and specialist vehicles, contact us now to find out whether your project would be suitable for a Dry Hire. Quite often our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that using a lightweight, plastic matting system does not mean they are compromising on the strength and durability they need.