Access Pontoons

What are Access Pontoons?

If you ever need to undertake work on water or shift equipment in and out of rivers and lakes, you’ll need one of our access pontoons to create a safe connection between the water and the shore.

When can Access Pontoons be Used?

As you can imagine, access pontoons can be used for a diverse range of applications, from carrying out large-scale bridge maintenance and inspections to hosting outdoor sporting events such as triathlons.

What Type of Access Pontoons are There?

Our NATO Modular Steel pontoon offers the ideal medium load solution for accessing and working on water, but our plastic solutions are also available for projects with reduced load-bearing demands.

How are They Assembled?

We’ll install your bespoke access pontoon on-site, while the modular nature of our solutions makes them easy to assemble in a short period of time.

Our Products

In addition to our access pontoons and various safety products, we also provide a re-usable ‘AquaDam’ for dealing with water depths of between 15cm and 180cm.

How to Hire with TPA?

Our team can talk you through the best solutions and access pontoons for your specific needs, so call us on 0870 240 2381 to discuss your hire requirements.