Commercial Floating Pontoons

What are Commercial Floating Pontoons?

Commercial floating pontoons are strong, sturdy and cost-effective platforms that enable people to traverse and work safely on water and uneven ground.

How Can They Can be Used Commercially?

Thanks to the buoyancy of our floating pontoons, these entities are suitable for a host of commercial applications, including bridge inspections, floating heavy loads or construction work in heavy waters.

Our Experience

We’ve provided a number of floating pontoons in the commercial sector, including one application that allowed us to complete awkward repair works at the underside of railway structures throughout Scotland. You can see more of our completed project here.

Our Products and Equipment

As part of our service, we’ll also provide additional equipment as required, including everything from outboard motors and tower scaffolds to safety boats.

How to Hire

We pride ourselves on the cost-effective nature of our solutions, so we’d invite you to reach out on 0870 240 2381 for a bespoke quote and hire price for your project.