Construction Pontoon Hire

What are Construction Pontoons? 

Construction pontoons are designed to allow for heavy duty work to be carried out near waterways and in areas with soft or uneven ground.

How Can They be Used in Construction?

In addition to allowing for bridge maintenance and railway works, construction pontoons can also sustain heavy plant equipment and loads in excess of 1,000 tonnes.

Our Experience

Since 2001, we’ve collaborated on a number of construction projects, including the creation of a temporary roadway over challenging ground surrounding a railway bridge in Bedfordshire (you can see more about this here).

Our Products

We offer an array of products to our construction clients, from modular plastic and NATO steel pontoon solutions to safety work boats.

How to Hire Our Products

You can check out more of our products through digital brochures available here, or request a call back and wait for one of our team to get back to you!