Event Floating Pontoons

What are Event Floating Pontoons?

Our event floating pontoons are designed for outdoor use and to provide sturdy and load-bearing platforms across water and uneven ground, for the purpose of both participants and spectators alike.

What Sort of Events do we Cater for?

We can optimise event pontoons to carry variable loads, enabling us to provide solutions such as floating jetties and swim platforms for triathlons.

Our Experience

We’ve developed floating pontoons for a range of event applications, including triathlon entry and exit ramps, an open spa swim platform and even a firework launch!

Our Products

When you hire a floating event pontoon from us, we’ll also provide any additional equipment than you may need, including safety boats, outdoor motors and life jackets!

How to Hire From TPA

Rest assured, we’ll create a floating event pontoon to suit your exact needs, and you can call us on 0870 240 2381 to discuss these further and hire the right solution for you!