Floating Pontoon Bridges

What are Floating Pontoon Bridges?

Railway tunnels and bridges tend to run over waterways, and our floating pontoon bridges can be used to provide safe access and sustain heavy duty loads.

When can Floating Pontoon Bridges be used?

There are numerous applications where floating bridges offer tremendous purpose, from bridge inspection and repairs to construction work at riverbanks.

What Type of Floating Pontoon Bridges are There?

We offer bespoke floating pontoon bridges for variable needs, with plastic and steel solutions available to meet different load-bearing demands.

How are they assembled?

Our team will provide an on-site installation service as part of your hire cost, while we’ll also dismantle the floating bridge at the end of the project. We can assemble your pontoon in double-quick time too, thanks to the flexible and modular nature of our products.

Our Products

We offer both plastic and steel modular pontoons to our clients, while you can also hire additional products as required (such as safety work boats and life jackets).

How to Hire?

To discuss your hire requirements in more detail and arrange an on-site visit, please call one of our team today on 0870 240 2381.