Marine Pontoon Hire

What are Marine Pontoons?

As an island nation, the UK has always had an affinity with the sea, and our marine pontoons are ideal for working on water and carrying out tasks such as dredging.

How Can They be Used in Marines?

In our experience, we’ve delivered marine pontoons for an array of naval and military applications, while also working in industries such as diving and marine coordination and oil, gas and renewables exploration.

Our Experience

During our 20-year history, we’ve also provided bespoke marine solutions for work at various ports and marinas, while our steel modular floating pontoons are ideal for large-scale projects.

Our Products

In addition our modular pontoons, we also offer a diverse range of products including safety buoys, life jackets and contaminant booms for restricting oil spills on water.

How to Hire

If you’d like to discuss your project requirements and hire a marine pontoon, we’d encourage you to call us on 0870 240 2381 and speak to one of the team.