Platform Pontoons

What are Platform Pontoons?

At TPA, we construct and supply one or multiple platform pontoons for light and heavy-duty applications, allowing variable loads to float safely on water for extended periods of time.

When can Platforms be used?

Our floating pontoons are commonly used during bridge construction and inspection projects, in instance where no existing access exists from the shore. They can also provide floating marquees and event stages for an array of outdoor occasions!

What types of Platform Pontoons are there?

Creating floating platform pontoons can be challenging given the range of potential applications, and we offer plastic and steel modular solutions to suit various load-bearing requirements.

How are they assembled?

Our modular platforms can be assembled quickly and easily, thanks to the use of pins and nut moulds that boast a significant load-bearing capacity. We can also provide on-site installation and will dismantle your pontoon at the end of the project.

Our Products

At TPA, our modular plastic and steel solutions are at the forefront of our product range, which also includes water gates, safety boats and inflatable oil spill containment booms for containing the spread of debris on the water.

How to Hire?

Most journeys start with humble beginnings, and you can contact us on 0870 240 2381 to discuss your initial hire requirements and organise an on-site visit where possible.