Stage Pontoons

What are Stage Pontoons?

Our various modular solutions can be used to create single or multiple stage pontoons, which can provide large-scale bridges, walkways and lighting platforms for various applications.

When can Stage Pontoons be used?

The most common applications for stage pontoons are floating footpaths and temporary bridges, which can be navigated by both pedestrians and machinery.

What types of Stage Pontoons are there?

Not all materials are capable of carrying the same loads, which is why our stage pontoons are available in plastic and steel to meet the widest possible range of leads.

How are they assembled?

The modular nature of our plastic and steel pontoons means that they’re incredibly quick and easy to assemble, while our use of advanced pin and nut moulds has added an extra tonne in loading capacity.

Our Products

The advancements in pin and nut moulds has dramatically improved our Versadock Modular Plastic Pontoons, while we offer alternative products such as water gates and SpeedyDams (for quicker installations in challenging locations).

How to Hire?

The hire process often involves us organising an on-site visit and providing a bespoke quote, but this all starts when you give us a call on 0870 240 2381 to initially discuss your project.