A Guide to AquaDams

What is an AquaDam?

AquaDams are a simple, yet highly versatile system used for flood alleviation and water control which can be used to prevent the flow of water in a variety of circumstances. Following heavy rainfall they can be quickly deployed to lower the risk of upstream flooding and prevent costly damage to farmland, properties and other structures. Manufactured from high tensile, tear resistant materials, AquaDams are designed to be used at various heights and depths and, once inflated, create a highly effective barrier against the prevailing current.

How do AquaDams work?

AquaDams are easy to transport and very lightweight when compared to their use in-service. For example, an AquaDam when empty and rolled up weighs just 60kg; fitting easily on a pallet, yet when fully installed and filled with water provides a 24 tonne water barrier. They are installed by positioning the rolled up AquaDam on the bank at the flow diversion point and secured at one end. The AquaDam is then filled with water using a suitable pump; progressively unrolling to its full length. Once fully inflated and installed, AquaDams naturally profile the bed of the water course to form a seal on uneven or silt laden riverbeds.

Multiple applications for AquaDams

There are multiple scenarios where AquaDams could assist in water diversion or containment. The list below highlights just a few of the different settings in which they can be put to work:

  • Culverts
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Bridges
  • Weirs
  • Bank Repairs
  • Sewers

AquaDams can also play a strategic part in facilitating dry conditions for undertaking maintenance on many marine based projects, including temporary civil engineering works. They can also be used in more complex operations such as placing two AquaDams in parallel across a river to dewater a section for establishing a walkway or boardwalk.

How much is an AquaDam?

AquaDams are an economical way of minimising water damage when flooding occurs. They also help to facilitate water based maintenance projects, saving the additional time, equipment and expense that would otherwise be incurred. Contractors and local authorities alike have saved huge sums of money by using this high value, low cost method of water control.

Low Environmental impact

Produced from recyclable materials, AquaDams score highly in terms of low environmental impact. No chemicals enter the water during their use, meaning aquatic and other wildlife is unharmed. The water used to inflate the dam is safely returned to the waterway at the end of the project and the surrounding environment is left completely unscathed. Whether used for temporary works, flood protection or fish pass installations, AquaDams hold all the credentials necessary for minimal ecological disruption, simplicity and cost.

AquaDam hire from TPA Pontoons

With five models available, you can be sure that TPA has the AquaDam to suit your water containment or diversion needs. Water depths from 15cm to 180cm can be accommodated and different lengths configured to suit individual requirements. Call our knowledgeable team to find out more about our vast fleet of equipment, national delivery service and on-site installation.