How to Choose a Floating Modular Pontoon

The Collins English dictionary describes a pontoon as ‘a watertight float or vessel used where buoyancy is required in water, as in supporting a bridge, in salvage work or where a temporary or mobile structure is required in military operations.’ Modular pontoons are used across many industry sectors with most types being manufactured from either plastic or steel. Choosing the correct pontoon for your project or event will essentially depend on the intended mode of use:

Modular Plastic Pontoons

Any system that incorporates the word modular in its title signals that versatility is a key attribute. Modular Plastic Pontoons can be configured to provide endless possibilities regarding shape and size, making it easy to plan a system that will perfectly meet all project requirements. Individual floats are connected by an ingenious interlocking system of pin and nut moulds to deliver an incredibly sturdy platform capable of carrying heavy plant. Strong, durable, and maintenance free, Modular Plastic Pontoons have an expected lifespan of up to 30 years and have been tested to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.  Bespoke design options add to their versatility and pontoons can be custom built to suit specific requirements; including the addition of an outboard motor for effortless positioning on the water.

The sheer versatility of Modular Plastic Pontoons means that they can be used for virtually any project that may require a floating platform, listed below are just a few of the many on offer:

  • Floating walkways
  • Robust boat ports
  • Bridges for vehicular use
  • Filming and broadcasting
  • Private parties, including weddings
  • Support for water based sports activities
  • Concerts and performances

Modular Steel Pontoons

Modular Steel Pontoons offer a degree of versatility and great connectivity features that facilitate quick commissioning and rapid removal. Steel pontoons have a very high buoyancy load capacity, yet are light enough to be hoisted into the water using a HIAB crane. A simple fork and ring arrangement connects the pontoons which can easily be linked once in the water.

Modular Steel Pontoons are sometimes used for semi-permanent installations and can provide marine access for logistical support and preventative maintenance. The high load capacity of steel pontoons makes them ideal for industrial or critical civil engineering tasks such as periodic bridge inspections; the option to attach a propulsion motor means repairs are completed without the need for external towing.

Versatile, road transportable and safe, Modular Steel Pontoons help keep our marine infrastructure afloat in many different ways:

  • Rafts and platforms
  • Ferries and barges
  • Piling activities
  • River dredging
  • Transporting people and machinery
  • Civil engineering and military exercises

TPA Modular Pontoons

TPA have invested in the most easily assembled and versatile modular pontoons available in order to complete diverse and complex projects with ease. Complexity however, need not be an issue for TPA customers as our policy is to provide an all-encompassing level of support for complete peace of mind. All steel and plastic modular systems can be fitted with a range of accessories such as winches, safety rails and edge protection to provide customers with a unique solution.