What are Safety Boats and Water Safety Products?

Plastic and heavy duty modular steel pontoons are a highly effective and versatile system of connecting floats that can be configured to almost any shape, allowing many types of water based events and activities to take place. They are also commonly used in environmental and civil engineering applications such as river dredging and piling. Being able to complete tasks such as bridge maintenance, or hold events on water such as concerts and sports, are made much more accessible when a temporary pontoon is used. Any event or project involving water will require some attention to risk management, however the inherent dangers of operating on or near water can be greatly reduced by the effective use of ancillary safety equipment:

Safety Boats

The use of safety boats to complement pontoon hire is one of the most effective ways in which to introduce an advanced level of safety and assurance. Produced from high quality polyurethane or aluminium, safety boats come equipped with all the necessary gear to deliver a fast and effective response in an emergency. The boats are operated by a dedicated crew who have been fully trained to provide a professional safety and rescue service. Safety boats can be used in all manner of projects and events, including exhibitions, private parties and construction. Crew members are fully proficient in first aid and rescue techniques and work completely autonomously, leaving clients or workers free to complete projects or enjoy their event knowing that pontoon related safety is properly covered. Apart from being able to deliver medical and other essential supplies, safety boats can also act as a tender service for those undertaking marine based projects.

Rescue Throw Lines and Water Buoys

To ensure full protection for all; including visitors, show attendees or workers, rescue throw lines and water buoys are often provided as standard when hiring a pontoon or for use on a safety boat. These essential safety items are highly visible, extremely buoyant and include a braided rope able to withstand a breaking strain level of up to 200kg. Ideal for fast deployment, rescue throw lines and water buoys are resilient, can cope in extreme weather conditions and are instantly reusable.

Life Jackets

Whereas equipment such as water buoys and rescue throw lines are designed to help someone swim, life jackets are specifically used to keep a person afloat until help arrives. In this respect, a life jacket would be most suitable for small children or those who cannot swim or find swimming difficult. Modern life jackets have the advantage of being self-inflating by means of a CO2 cartridge which inflates upon contact with the water. This is an important feature for anyone falling into very cold water, or for those becoming unconscious, as life jackets are designed to orientate the person into a face up position, allowing them to breathe unhindered.

TPA Pontoons, a one stop shop

At TPA we pride ourselves on offering a complete one stop shop to cover every aspect of pontoon hire. As well as safety boats and various buoyancy aids, we also supply winches and outboard motors as well as different types of hand rail and edge protection. Contact our friendly, experienced team for more information on our pontoons or to discuss your safety requirements to help get your project underway.