What are Water Buoys?

Water Buoys are floating devices that can be used for many purposes, including navigation, mooring aids or marine based research projects. The word ‘buoy’ itself is associated with the idea of keeping up or staying afloat.

Lifebuoys, sometimes referred to as Water Safety Buoys, are a life saving device that can be deployed in man overboard (MOB) situations. They are often equipped with a connecting line which allows the Lifebuoy to be cast alongside a stranded person in order for them to be pulled through the water to safety. Such is the importance of the ongoing availability of Lifebuoys that any intentional damage or vandalism is punishable by a heavy fine or even imprisonment.

Where do you see Water Safety Buoys?

Water Safety Buoys can be found in many settings where there is a potential risk of falling into water and are typically seen around ports, piers, rivers and on pontoons. The decision to provide a Safety Buoy is often the outcome of a risk assessment which may establish the number of Lifebuoys required within a given area. Their location and other considerations, such as height of installation and type of Water Buoy, will be also taken into account. Once installed, they sit unobtrusively in the background ready for use in an emergency and their presence often acts as reassurance for members of the public who may be inexperienced or unfamiliar with water based activities.

Pontoons and floating platforms 

Temporary and permanent pontoons are often designed as bespoke floating platforms for use in a variety of settings, including:

  • Private events
  • Concerts and theatre productions
  • Marine infrastructure projects
  • Ports and harbours

Most Pontoons are modular in design and the above list represents a mere fraction of what is possible in terms of shape, size and application. Every installation will almost certainly be accompanied by one or more Water Safety Buoys. Safety rails and edge protection help to enhance user safety, but Lifebuoys are an essential addition to ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations. Depending on the pontoon configuration and size, they may be positioned at regular intervals and ideally next to the entry/exit points to enable swift deployment if someone accidentally falls into the water.

Water Safety Buoys from TPA Pontoons

TPA fully understand the safety implications associated with floating pontoons and therefore provide Lifebuoys free of charge (FOC) with every hire. All Lifebuoys have Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Ship’s Wheel Approval, meaning the equipment meets common standards of safety and performance in accordance with the requirements of international conventions, including Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

TPA’s Water Safety Buoys are 76cm diameter and feature an orange, cross linked hard polyethylene outer shell with vinyl coated polypropylene rope threaded through moulded holes. Their rugged design makes them suitable for all applications and the high visibility bright orange is further enhanced by four strips of reflective tape.

Get your project afloat with TPA Pontoons

TPA Pontoons make safety a priority by protecting clients with the best quality water safety products, including Edge Protection, Safety Rails and Winches. Fully equipped Safety Work Boats are also available for that extra peace of mind. To discover more about TPA’s range of modular steel and plastic pontoons, and their excellent safety features, contact our friendly helpdesk and we’ll be happy to help get your project afloat.