Containment Bunds for Fuel & Chemical Spills

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TPA’s multipurpose Bund Containment system to catch fuel or chemical spills. Meets environmental guidelines – ISO 14001 and Oil Storage Regulations (OSR).

What are Containment Bunds?

TPA’s Containnment Bunds are flexible, portable bund systems that provide fuel or chemical spill containment. Manufactured from rip stop acrylic and vinyl coated polyester fabric.

How do the fuel and chemical bunds work?

It provides a quick response to emergency spill situations by allowing you to temporarily store contaminated and oily water, sewage, or other hazardous liquids before permanently disposed of. Featured easy access drop down walls, simple to assemble, highly durable and adaptable to various terrains. 

How to hire our fuel and chemical bunds?

Find out more about hiring our containment bunds call 0370 240 2381

Key Benefits of our Containment Buds

  • Drop down walls to facilitate easy vehicle/equipment access
  • Simple assembly, zero tools required
  • Supplied in a secure durable carry bag
  • Adaptable in a range of terrains & climates
  • Corrosion resistant & easy to clean
  • Easy to transport
  • Air inflation not required
  • Multipurpose uses - used in various sectors


  • Manufactured from (900gsm) rip stop acrylic & vinyl coated polyester fabric
  • Aluminium wall supports


  • Bunding of tanks and drums
  • Plant and generator bunding
  • Catches fuel and chemical spills or drips
  • Vehicle and equipment wash-down
  • Portable decontamination pool for people and equipment
  • Effluent, sewage and waste liquid catchment
  • Agriculture - infection control