Temporary Cofferdam Rental Solutions

Find out more about our Temporary Cofferdam Solution

TPA’s SpeedyDam can be installed in just 30minutes using only limited resources providing maximum efficiency in any deployment situation.

What is the Speedydam?

SpeedyDams are the proven safe & effective solution for a temporary dam. Whether you need to create a cofferdam for a few minutes  or several weeks a Speedy Dam will cut your costs and speed completion.

How do Speedydams Work?

The weight of the water contained within any SpeedyDam makes for a very stable temporary dam. For example, the Speedy 10 weighs around 14,000kg when deployed but weighs just 40kg when empty (easy 2 person lift). Only water filled temporary dams can deliver this combination of stability and speed of installation. Combine superb design and quality of manufacture with almost three decades of on the job testing and improvement you can be confident of satisfaction for you and your customer.

How to Hire a SpeedyDam?

Find out more about hiring our Speedydam for a tempoary dam solution call 0870 240 2381.

Key Features of Speedydams

  • Easy and rapid deployment
  • Multiple applications including water diversion & containment
  • Takes up minimal storage
  • Not for permanent installations
  • Low environmental impact
  • Speedy Curves
  • Fluming
  • Culvert Inspections

Speedydam Models

TPA SpeedyDam comes in 3 models, all models hold back up to 75cm of water/mud depth.

Model Length Dry Weight Filled Weight Installation Time
Speedy 05 5m 20kg 5t 20 mins
Speedy 10 10m 40kg 12t 30 mins
Speedy 15 15m 60kg 20t 45 mins

To choose the correct SpeedyDam estimate WATERLINE LENGTH and add 2m launch allowance.

Example length calculation Waterline length 9m, 9m + 2m = 11m - Choose SpeedyDam 15

Equipment required

  • 2 No 3 inch water pumps or similar
  • Rope