Water Gate Flood Barriers Hire

About Our Water Gate Barriers

TPA’s Water-Gate Flood Barriers can be installed in a very short time using only limited resources providing maximum efficiency in any deployment situation.

What is a Water Gate Flood Barrier?

The Water-Gate is a portable, self-inflating, reusable water barrier that can be used in place of traditional methods, such as sandbags, rock, or dirt dams. The Water-Gate can be installed or removed in minutes and easily packed and reused for a different application

How do water gate flood barriers work?

The larger portable water-gate barriers can be transported by vehicle to the required site or smaller barriers are light enough to be carried by a person. The Water-Gate can be installed by one person, with the barrier available in several lengths and heights and can be linked together to create longer sections.

Where can Water Barriers be used?

The Water-Gate flood barriers can be used in multiple situations like flood control, creating reservoirs and dams, waterway diversions and even chemical spill containment.

How to hire our Water Gate Flood Barriers?

Find out more about hiring our water gate flood barriers, call 0370 240 2381

Key Features of Water Gate Flood Barriers

  • Easy and rapid deployment
  • Multiple applications
  • Takes up minimal storage
  • Not for permanent installations
  • Low environmental impact
  • Modular system
  • Robust and highly reliable materials
  • Easy removal
Heights available 0.35m 0.5m 0.67m 1.0m 1.3m 1.5m
Effective flood protections height 0.35m 0.5m 0.67m 1.0m 1.3m 1.5m
Percentage freeboard needed 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Lengths available 7.6m, 15.2m 9.1m, 15.2m 9.1m, 15.2m 9.1m, 15.2m 9.1m, 15.2m 9.1m, 15.2m
WL Weigh of 15 metre length (dry) 56kg 67kg 82kg 148kg 184kg 214kg
WA Weight of 15 metre length (dry) 27kg 38kg 50kg 115kg 152kg 183kg
Overtopping OK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Base width needed 1.5m 1.8m 2.5m 4.0m 5.4m 6.1
Suitable surfaces Asphalt, Concrete, Paving, Grass, Soil, River & Stream beds.

To limit damages from a flash flood or prevent flooding of a shoreline, street or road, it’s possible to cover long distances in just a few minutes with this efficient and simple tool. Water-Gate is a fast deployable flood barrier available in sections of 9.1m or 15.2m. The modular design allows multiple sections to be joined together and/or curbed to the desired length and angle. The costs related to damages by flooding can be quite significant in urban areas, the flood control barrier is the cost effective solution for protecting properties, garages, houses, offices and buildings.

TPA provides two series of barriers (WL-WA) with several retention heights making it possible to respond to different situations and budgets, the perfect tool for flood control.

Water-Gate Flood Barrier Types


  • Used for flood and water control on asphalt, gravel and grass surfaces
  • Constructed from a high strength PVC fabric and is yellow in colour
  • Incorporates integrated ballasting system on the front barrier flap
  • Deployed either as a single barrier or as pre-joined sections


  • Used for waterway diversion or damming requirements
  • Made from high strength yellow PVC fabric
  • Lightweight and rapidly deployable
  • Anti-mining flap at the rear of the barrier to reduce riverbed damage