What are Road Rail Access Points?

Road Rail Access Points (RRAPs) are typically permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations that provide a means of access and egress for Road Rail Vehicles and Plant (RRV’s) onto the Network Rail infrastructure. Safety, as always is a top priority when undertaking railway based operations, with strategies such as risk awareness, ongoing training and safety monitoring all contributing to site safety. The deployment of RRAPs at key locations play their part in overall safety by providing a vital means of safe and easy access for RRV’s.

RRAPs for every occasion  

The choice of which type of RRAP to use will depend upon what kind of RRV’s are going to use the access, volume of traffic and duration of works. One of the main considerations is whether the project is temporary, such as during overnight works under possession, or if the scheme is part of a longer term project, possibly taking weeks or months to complete. For example, routine maintenance to track, overhead line electric (OLE) and lineside structures is mainly carried out during overnight track possessions.  Often, the worksite is some distance from the nearest permanent rail access point so it becomes necessary to utilise one of the quick to install temporary RRAP solutions available.  Permanent and Semi-Permanent RRAPs are installed at permanent rail access points to facilitate access for road rail vehicles over many years. As well as the use of RRAPs, ancillary equipment such as Magnetic Safety Signs, Platform Access Steps and Magnetic Safety Barriers are often used for added worksite practicality and safety.

Temporary RRAPs

Temporary RRAPs are quick to install and remove. They facilitate safe on/off and cross tracking for RRV’s. Temporary RRAPs are designed to be installed, used and removed during track possessions.  They must be removed before the track reopens to trains.

Lightweight Foam RRAP

Lightweight Foam RRAPs are a highly versatile and popular track access system. Suitable for on/off and cross tracking of smaller, wheeled RRV’s they are particularly useful where a RRAP needs to be installed/removed quickly during overnight possessions. Typically, Lightweight Foam RRAPs comprise two outer ramps and a number of infill sections per 2m section. Light enough to be hand portable, they can be deployed with minimal site preparation and once installed are able to withstand a load bearing capacity of up to 15 tonnes per axle. Once the task, or repair is complete, the foam sections can be decommissioned quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.


The V-RAM is a hand portable temporary RRAP system designed for use with wheeled RRV’s up to 50 tonnes in weight.  The modular design of this system allows the customer to construct RRAPs of varying size and configurations to suit their particular application.  The V-RAM is also the only Network Rail approved temporary RRAP system suitable for use on Bull-Head Track.  


UTAS+ is a heavy duty temporary RRAP designed for use with RRV’s up to 50 tonnes in weight. Manufactured from heavy duty steel, the UTAS+ is suitable for use with both wheeled and tracked plant.  Its innovative design fully encloses the track giving maximum protection to the rail and sleepers.


Semi-Permanent RRAPs

Semi-Permanent RRAPs are designed for situations where tracks and services need to remain open and running during the day. They can remain in situ for extended periods and are therefore designed to be extremely durable. All RRAPs require Network Rail approval with TAP Strail and Rosehill Interlocking products having London underground approval to be used on live rail lines. Featuring a gap free design to help mitigate vandalism and the ingress of debris, the modular construction offers a universal fitting independent of sleeper type. Packing material is used to accommodate varying sleeper types and spacing.

Dig Access RRAPs

During track renewals and Switch & Crossover (S&C) work it is often necessary to access/egress the rail bed or dig. This requires the RRV to access the track from the end rather than from the cess or six foot. Specially designed, hand portable access ramps are used for this purpose.

TAMS – Track Access Matting System

The TAMS system has quickly become the industry leading method of providing dig access/egress for RRV’s.  This hand portable system is designed for use with both wheeled and tracked plant and it is quick to install and relocate.  For large/long plant or where there is a requirement to transfer machines from one track to another TAMS can be used in combination with TAMS Extension Packs and the V-RAM RRAP system.

TPA – Rapid Rail Access

TPA Rapid Rail Access delivers a comprehensive range of hire, installation, inspection, maintenance and removal services for the UK rail network. Forging a dialogue with clients and equipment manufacturers, TPA provide site surveys, inspections, installations, recovery and maintenance services; all delivered through an award winning transport fleet and exceptional customer service.