What are Aluminium Temporary Roadways?

Temporary portable roadways typify a product that is conspicuous by its absence yet when in use makes access and movement much more manageable. Whether used for vehicular or pedestrian access, the implementation of a temporary roadway is the ideal solution for providing sure firm tracking over a range of terrains. Land owners and companies specialising in outdoor events need assurance that there will be no damaging repercussions once the event has finished. Ideally, the ground should to be left in much the same condition as it was found, especially as the same venue may shortly be needed for other upcoming shows or exhibitions.

Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium panels are the most durable and strongest of all temporary roadways and access systems and the term ‘heavy duty’ is often attributed to the range of aluminium roadways. A mainstay of the temporary access market, aluminium panels can withstand the most demanding of scenarios and are recommended for use where there is a need for extremely heavy workloads, for example where high capacity trucks and vehicles are delivering equipment and goods to site. With a load bearing capacity in the region of 250 tonnes point load and a 1000 tonne gross train weight over ground 2% CBR, aluminium panels are the ideal choice for high volume, heavy traffic.

Lightweight and strong

It is often the misconception that lightweight equals flimsy and weak, however this is not the case with aluminium panels which not only support huge weights but will withstand movement and fluctuations under the pressure of tyres. The strong support offered by aluminium panels means they are often the first choice for temporary car parks and also for stadium concerts where well maintained grass requires adequate protection from thousands of excited fans. Steerable panels can be used to navigate around buildings and other obstacles and are often used at prestigious gatherings where the logistical movement of people and vehicles may be more complex.

Recyclable and reusable

Aluminium trackways and temporary roadways are manufactured from 6063 T6 Grade Aluminium, an alloy often used for tubing and architectural applications. This is due to its high tensile properties and yield strength of at least 160MPa (23,000Psi). The high grade aluminium used to produce these panels means that they can be re-used hundreds of times without the need for maintenance or intervention, and when they eventually reach the end of their working life, they can be recycled to produce more panels or other products.

Stacking and delivery

Individual panels are simply stacked on a vehicle and transported to site where they are unloaded, manoeuvred and speedily connected. Typically manufactured as rectangular sections, the aluminium panels are designed to fit together to form a seamless and continuous surface; when the project is complete, the process is simply reversed and the ground is left largely unblemished.

With two decades of supplying temporary access solutions across the UK and Europe, TPA Temporary Access Solutions have a team of fitters highly experience in supplying, delivering and commissioning aluminium temporary roadways to professional standards. Trusted throughout the industry, TPA have the ability to provide bespoke and emergency temporary access solutions, often delivered in highly challenging locations and conditions.