What are Safe Kerb Ramps?

Safe Kerb Ramps are a simple solution that significantly reduces the risk involved where pedestrians, pushchair and wheelchair uses require access from one level to another. Used in a variety of circumstances, kerb ramps may provide:

  • Access from kerb to road where a pavement has been closed
  • Customer access to shops
  • Access to private homes
  • Access to public buildings: libraries, council offices, town halls
  • Access to sports facilities
  • Temporary access for events: outdoor shows, exhibition halls, street events etc.

As well as providing a vital public service, Safe Kerb Ramps also comply with the requirement to provide a suitable ramp in specific settings. Regularity bodies such as the Highway Authorities and Utility Committee (HAUC, UK) has specific criteria set in place for footway ramps, as does the Safety at Street Works and Road Works: a code of practice 2013 which states:

‘Where pedestrians are diverted to temporary walkways in the carriageway, suitable ramps must be provided to enable people using wheelchairs or pushchairs to negotiate kerbs safely. The layout should allow wheelchair and scooter users to enter and exit a temporary walkway safely’.

Safety in construction

The strict prerequisites that need to be in place regarding Safe Kerb Ramps are especially important when used on construction and site works. Manufactured from durable and strong high density polyethylene (HDPE), kerb ramps allow safe easy access over obstacles such as cables and other raised objects. With safety concerns at a premium, Safe Kerb Ramps offer busy construction operatives the ability to move around in safety, either when transporting equipment on foot, or when transporting tools and other products by using a sack cart or wheelbarrow.  To provide an even greater level of safety, kerb ramps are produced in a bright yellow colour to help users visually identify a forthcoming change in ground level.

Safe public access

Safe movement around building sites is very important, and it is also essential to ensure safety within the public arena. Shops, cafes, hospitality venues etc. may wish to improve the service given to customers by providing easy access to their facility. Apart from mitigating a trip hazard, Safe Kerb Ramps also assist wheelchair users, mobility scooter users and parents with pushchairs. With regard to wheelchair use, Safe Kerb Ramps go beyond the requirements set out by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). For example, ramps have built in raised sides to give added protection for wheeled transport and include an effective anti-slip surface to provide secure traction in all weather conditions. Safe Kerb Ramps pose no problem for mobility scooters and other heavier items such as wheelie bins as they can withstand loads of up to 250kg.

TPA, helping customers ramp up their access

For customers wishing to reach the next level, Safe Kerb Ramps from TPA offer a sturdy and sure way of providing safe access without the need for an expensive permanent solution. Weighing in at just 39kg, they can be easily installed and left in position either on a temporary or permanent basis. This and other features make Safe Kerb Ramps the ideal choice:

  • Front door access for the disabled
  • 2400mm x 1200mm for wide access
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be stacked 20 per pallet
  • Easily transportable
  • In full compliance with regulatory bodies