What are Temporary Roadways?

In our fast paced society there is mounting recognition that we must strive to preserve the environment wherever possible. The use of temporary roadways is a good case in point where any land damage caused as a direct result of outdoor events can easily be mitigated. Portable, temporary roadways are an excellent way of alleviating any short or long term damage that could otherwise be caused by vehicles, pedestrians or crew members.

As well as helping to protect the environment, there are many other situations and settings where the use of temporary roadways would be extremely beneficial.

Outdoor events and shows

Events such as outdoor exhibitions, events and tradeshows can subject the land to significant damage from the very outset. Quite often these occasions are held in fields and the land can be churned up by the operations team long before the event begins. Many trips are necessary to unload and position installations, often by using heavy vehicles causing deep furrows which may prove hazardous to the arriving visitors. Add this to the disassembling process and it’s not hard to imagine the subsequent damage to the land and the environment. Temporary roadways would not only avert such a situation but provide better working conditions for staff and a more pleasant all-round experience for the event-goers.

Adverse weather conditions

One of the things we can most rely on, particularly in the UK, is the unpredictable nature of the weather. Where there is a mixture of site traffic and pedestrians, portable roadways are an ideal way of allowing firm stable and above all safe access and movement in all weathers. Events such as weddings, where a marquee is used, is a good example where guests wearing nice clothes and polished shoes will appreciate being able to walk on a relatively clean, mud free surface.

Temporary car parking

As well as providing improved access, events and outdoor exhibitions attracting a high footfall often facilitate temporary car parking in adjoining fields. The flexibility and modular design of portable roadways allow panels to be connected to cover a wide area. This is ideal for temporary or emergency car parking where a field could become boggy and cause difficult driving conditions, especially towards the end of an event where many cars may be attempting to leave at the same time.

Pedestrian walkways

Temporary roadways provide a versatile solution that can be configured to multiple shapes and sizes and as well as providing an excellent surface for heavy duty vehicular traffic, car parking and outdoor exhibitions, they also provide a practical trackway system for pedestrian use. Otherwise slippery surfaces are made safe by the interlocking panels that have an anti-slip pattern moulded onto the surface, keeping event visitors and staff safe while on the move.

Depending on the project requirements, TPA Temporary Roadways hold a vast stock of temporary road, trackway mats and panels to suit a wide variety of projects. Produced from Aluminium or plastic, they are cost effective, quick and easy to assemble for use in many sectors, including:

  • TV and film locations
  • Backstage areas
  • Sports events
  • Stadium shows
  • Crane hire
  • Utilities
  • House building and construction