MaxiTrack: A Perfect Fusion of Weight and Strength

Events requiring a temporary roadway or trackway often require a speedy setup coupled with an equally fast removal. Deciding on which type of temporary trackway to use will depend on a number of factors such as whether heavy vehicles will be involved or if a pedestrian walkway is required. There are logistical factors to consider, for example some aluminium types of trackway such as Camber Panels will require lifting equipment or a hijab truck to offload and install while lighter plastic types such as LD Mats can be manually lifted. The MaxiTrack heavy duty trackway however represents the ideal fusion of being both lightweight and exceptionally strong.

Heavy duty and lightweight

Manufactured from Zetralene™ recycled plastic, the 1.8m x 0.9m x 23mm MaxiTrack panels can withstand a 130 tonne load, an impressive feature in itself but at only 40kg per panel the strength to weight combination makes MaxiTrack the world’s most heavy duty man-handleable trackway. In order to maximise the utilisation of MaxiTrack, the panels are reversible with octagonal lugs on one side for vehicular use and a walkway tread pattern on the reverse. The connecting bolts are recessed to eliminate any trip hazard and the slotted bolt holes facilitate any expansion and contraction of the panels due to temperature variations; an important feature, especially when covering larger areas.

Delivered and installed at speed

MaxiTrack panels arrive packed in stillages and once delivered to site they can be easily installed by a team of three: two people to lift and position the mats while a third connects each panel with six self-aligning shoulder bolts. Operating in this way, up to 60 mats can be installed covering an area of approximately 100m2 in a single hour. If a mechanical lift is preferred, multiples of connected panels can be lifted using the strategically placed lifting points. On removal, if weather conditions have caused the panels to become muddy, the deep tread design helps to speed up the washing process. The pace of install and removal makes MaxiTrack ideal for events requiring a fast turnaround, and especially suitable for those venues with a busy events calendar.

A military base

The ergonomic and speed logistics of using MaxiTrack has not been lost on the military and the system has been tested by the Royal Engineers at their base in Ripon. Here MaxiTrack underwent perhaps the most stringent testing to prove its durability. One test included driving heavy vehicles over a grassed area which showed minimal flexing in the panels with no damage to the grassed area on removal. A second test included a combat tank vehicle with MaxiTrack laid on a muddy surface. The tank was aggressively slewed across the surface to test the panel, its connections and overlapping flange joints. Following the test no damage to any panel was found. For military purposes MaxiTrack was identified as being suitable for permanent or semi-permanent hard standing, large logistics yards and wider uses such as helicopter landing pads.

The beneficial attributes outlined above means the system can be used in almost any industry or setting, including:

  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Event flooring
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Roadways
  • Heritage sites

TPA Portable Roadways

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